Caesura indeterminata…

It’s been a while. A long while…

For those few of you that follow this tiny thing, I’ll start by explaining what the original parameters of this blog were. It was a way to spend 30 minutes of lunch–a sit-down-at-a-table slow lunch–and jot down whatever bits of thought or inspiration that I had during that time. Anything to which I had listened, anything I had read, something on my mind–anything to keep the creative impulse going during the extensive and seemingly never-ending COVID lockdown.

…but then, things changed…

As the municipalities in which I live and work started to come out from under lockdown during vaccinations and subsequent reopenings, my schedule got a lot busier. And then it didn’t. And then it changed completely. I found myself no longer with a quiet expanse of time in which to write during the day, which was the first obstacle…

The second obstacle is one familiar to all writers and other creators–or at least to myself–and that is a seeming disbelief in the meaning of creating yet more words or music or photos or anything in a world where digital technologies have inundated human civilization with more information than they could possibly process in ten lifetimes, let alone the one through which we’re journeying. Does any of this–and I do mean any of it–mean anything?

This question bedevils me. It’s helped to stifle and bring to ground just about every creative endeavor I’ve had in my life. It’s an incessant battle against my cynicism (and as a GenX person, it’s very, very, VERY ingrained in my psyche) and trying to reach a place where what I could create might mean something to me, let alone other people (and that’s another post somewhere down the line.)

That’s the rub; figuring out how what I do might feed my fractured, exiled soul in this digital cacophony. There’s no right or wrong answer. I might have more such silences along the way, but for the moment, I’m back. Not writing during the day (or still writing that much,) but here nevertheless.

I’ll have a few things to chat about: more Bandcamp selections, the rebooting of culture after such a long interruption, moving, aging and impermanence, and maybe whatever I can capture in a photo along the way…

I bid you peace. ✌️

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